PB powerhouse final with safety fencing

Renewable Energy Overview

We develop both small hydro electric power run of river schemes and solar power schemes to deliver electricity into the southern African national grids.

Our hydro electric business is centered on the Nyangani Massif in eastern Zimbabwe which has perennial rivers rising within it. Our schemes are all designed to:

  • Have a high head and low volume of water
  • Have a very low environmental impact as there is no water storage through the building of dams
  • Operate at about 40% of their maximum installed capacity
  • Connect directly into the national grid with the sole buyer of electricity being the grid operator.

Our solar scheme is located at Mutoko, Zimbabwe. The first stage, a 2.5MW project has been commissioned in January 2018.

All our plants are managed by Nyangani Renewable Energy (Pvt) Ltd, a Zimbabwean company part owned by the group that has developed the expertise to design, build and operate small hydro and solar schemes.

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Key Features

  • All schemes located on the rivers of the Nyangani massif in Eastern Zimbabwe.
  • 6 hydro schemes built and delivering power into the national grid with an installed capacity of 27 MW
  • First solar scheme commissioned in January 2018 with an installed capacity of 2.5MW
  • 2018 annual generation output:  111,958 Mwh