Pungwe river upstream

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our hydro electric schemes have the capability to operate for the next one hundred years. For this to be achieved we need to protect the Mt Nyangani watershed. Primarily this means avoiding any unnecessary de-forestation, and where land has been or is being cleared for agricultural use to ensure that river banks are protected and soil conservation is practiced by all farmers.

With the increasing population in the area, we are also aiming to improve the quality of education of the next generation through the electrification of the local schools. We have a five year programme in place to bring electricity to all the primary and secondary schools in the Honde Valley. This will benefit over 50,000 school children every year.

We are also working with mobile phone companies to extend their 3G network throughout the valley so that all the newly electrified schools have a good quality link to the internet.

Key Features

  • Rural electrification schemes in the Honde Valley to include all schools
  • Local labour used for construction of schemes