PB powerhouse final with safety fencing

Renewable Energy Overview

Nyangani Renewable Energy (Pvt) Ltd, based in Harare, develops both small run of river hydro electric power schemes and solar power schemes to deliver electricity into the Zimbabwe and Malawi national grids.

The hydro electric schemes are on the rivers flowing from the Nyangani Massif in eastern Zimbabwe and from Mount Mulanje in Malawi. The schemes are all designed to:

  • Have a high head and low volume of water
  • Have a very low environmental impact as there is no water storage through the building of dams
  • Operate at between 30 - 40% of their maximum installed capacity
  • Connect directly into the national grid with the sole buyer of electricity being the grid operator.


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Key Features

  • 8 hydro schemes built and delivering power into the national grid with an installed capacity of 38 MW
  • solar scheme has an installed capacity of 2.5MW