PB powerhouse final with safety fencing

Pungwe B Power Station (Pvt) Ltd

The Pungwe B scheme was commissioned at the beginning of February 2015.

The scheme has a rated output of 15MW.

The offtake point is at 1,096m above sea level and the turbines are at 915m to give a head of 181m. The distance from the offtake point to the water returning to the river is 2,000m.

The maximum water flow through the penstock is 12,000 litres per second. This feeds 4 turbines, each of 3.75MW capacity. 

The electricity is transmitted into the national grid through a new dedicated 33KV line that runs into the Nyanga 132KV substation. 

Key Features

Location: Pungwe river

Installed capacity: 15.0 MW